The longleaf Camo is a great sound call with some rasp open water but can be used in wooded timber. #2 style MP.  It comes is single or double reeds. This Call is made out of Dipped  ABS. Insert Is PC



​This  Acrylic Grass Mallard call is a Killum design with a #3 open mouthpiece. Designed for open water. Loud call with dome rasp on the high Freq of the call. 

Our Reeds guaranteed NOT TO STICK


acrylic Call
reed style

Killum Calls makes 4 different typed of mouthpieces. With the right size  mouthpiece for your lips gives you more flexibility in manipulating the call as designed

​#1     a smaller thinner, mouthpiece good             for thin lips

#2     is for med lips

#3     is for larger lips

#4     is for large lips with a deep dish                       (older style mouthpiece)

           Call for special custom orders