​​​With the Killum Manifold you are able to mimic more then one duck at a time.  This fools the ducks to think that there are more then one duck feeding, and fighting over food. 
The manifold is easy to use, as you are only blowing air through one call at a time.  You manipulate which call you would like to use by simply shutting off the air flow with your hands. (
You use your own duck inserts)
Start by placing two different sounding  5/8 in. call inserts in  to the outside holes and place the plug in the middle hole.  Now practice like two ducks feeding and fussing.  Ready to up your game?  Try three call inserts! 
Instead of sounding like one crazy duck talking to himself, sound like a whole gang talking and fussing at each other. 

Compatible with All Duck call inserts including most Wood Duck calls.